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Textilaties first established itself as a needle and accessories supplier, growing from strength to strength over the years with the introduction of various agencies which for many years included the famous Bentley group of England which at the time employed 5000 workers around the Midlands of England.

Currently Textilaties operates in four sectors of the industry.

  1. New Textile Machines
  2. Used Textile Machines
  3. Fibre and Yarns
  4. Elastomeric Yarn production
  5. Twisting and winding services
  6. Needles and assessories

1. Sales of new textile machines from around the world. We install and train buyers and carry out all after sales service.

2. The used Textile Machine market is a world wide situation. If a certain market sector is down in Brazil, then it might be going strong in Poland and we are part of a dynamic network of Internet driven companies who trade machines globally. Its also a local business with machines being bought and stocked in Johannesburg Cape Town and Durban.

3. With the closure of many local yarn producers, imported yarns have become very important to the industry. Textilaties imports from India, China, Korea and Thailand. Products include High Bulk Acrylic, Texturised Nylon, Texturiesed Polyester, Lurex Metalic Yarns, Spandex Yarns, Rubber ribbon, Spandex, Solubal separation threads, Mata Aramid and para Aramid products and many more products.

4. Spintex (Pty)Ltd was started on the 1st of October 1991, as an import replacement operation for Elastomeric yarns. Most of the yarns at that stage came into the country as imports from Europe and England. Over the years the production has been developed to include Rubber, Spandex, Lycra, Lurex, Cotton, Courtelle and many other fibres. Lurex yarns have been produced for many years with the permission of The Lurex Company of LondonParis and Hong Kong. Yarns are stocked throughout South Africa.

5. Through Spintex, its associate company in Cape Town, we offer a twisting winding and covering service.

6. The needle and accessory sector started out representing a small but very high quality Japaneese needle maker Organ Needles Company of Osaka. At that time they produced needles for flat knitting machines. Later this grew to include the famous Mitchell Grieve Company of Birmingham, Coalville and Leicester England, and lately companies from Taiwan Korea and China, have added to the significant range of products.

Through the years, Textilaties has developed markets and contacts in many regional countries for example; Swaziland, Malawi, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Mocambique, Botswana, Namibia, Angola, Tanzania, Lesotho and Maritius. There are two main offices, the head office being in Johannesburg and the factory being in Cape Town. The Durban market is serviced by a technical sales person using warehousing facilities in New Germany.

Looking forward, Textilaties is working hard in China. The Chineese machine building sector is growing fast. First it was Japan, then Taiwan, Korea and now China. We believe we can use the Chineese technology and price advantages to allow our local manufacturere to be competitive with imports. Instead of buying the eggs from China (Garments), we want to buy the chicken, (Machines) so we can produce our own eggs here in SA. We feel that there is a dynamic groundswell of growth driven by local entrupeneers in rural areas. The once huge Textile factories have mainly gone, but in their place are many many small companies who are growing fast. This we see as our future market throughout the Southern African area.

The company is now 45 years young and going really well. We are looking forward to further development to take us past our 50 year marathon.